If you have been attending church every Sunday and saying your prayers each night with the belief that it is a “free ticket” in life than you have much to learn about God and faith. Living with faith does not have the purpose to make your life easier as an escape to avoid working for things in life. Living with faith in fact is hard work. You have to work everyday to keep your faith strong and real in order to gain the strength and power of God’s love. A Free Christian Prophecy can reveal God’s word to you and allow you to see that faith might take work, but also provides many rewards.

Worthwhile Endeavor
They say that anything worthwhile having takes hard work and this is true. Even your faith takes work. It is important to understand that faith is not just going to church and praying. It is living as Jesus lived with a true want to love thy neighbor and to live a life of charity and kindness. This does not mean you must live without enjoyment. God wants you to live with joy in your heart. You should be looking for what makes you happy and seeking this as the way to love life. God has given each of you a talent and he wants us to use this talent to walk with Jesus and spread his word. A free Christian prophecy can help you discover your talents and how to use them as God intended.

Working in Faith
Another mistake you might make is to believe you must discard all your worldly belongings and live only to spread the word of God. This is not a calling God intends for many of us. You will find that the best way to spread God’s word is to spread his love. Learning to share your love with others can be as simple as a sincere smile to everyone you meet or as detailed as volunteering your time to help others in need. You can share your wealth through charity, but you can also share your time. All of this will become clearer with a Free Christian prophecy to help guide you.

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