Popular Types Of Farm Fence In Nassau County

Land owners who have livestock must have durable fences on their property to keep their animals contained and safe. Popular types of livestock fencing materials include high tensile, polyvinyl chloride and cedar. Before contacting an experienced Farm Fence Nassau County area company for your fencing needs, read about the various types of fences available.

High Tensile Polymer

This type of fencing is becoming a popular choice for horse owners because it’s strong and safe for equines. This fencing material is made out of high tensile wire that’s coated for safety and durability. These fences are known to last for 30 years, and they won’t rot, rust or split. Horse owners like to use this type of horse fencing because horses cannot become tangled in the fence and they cannot cut themselves if they run into the fence.

Post and Rail Wood

Farm fences are often made out of cedar because of its natural resistance to weather and insects. A cedar fence can last for 40 years and even longer if the wood is treated with a protective additive during the manufacturing process. Cedar has an odor that’s unappealing to insects, so these pests won’t destroy a cedar fence. In addition to keeping livestock safe inside a farm owner’s property, genuine wood fences add a rustic appearance to properties and farms.

Polyvinyl Chloride

More commonly known as PVC fencing, this material is durable, and it resists fading and cracking. During construction, the inside of the rails are reinforced, and the posts are made with double walls. This fencing material is often installed on farms as a post and rail fences, and the straight lines enhance the appearance of the property. This fencing is available in multiple colors, and popular farm fence colors are white or black. To discuss the various fencing options for the safety and security of your livestock, contact an experienced Farm Fence Nassau County area company.

Precision Fence LLC is an experienced fencing company that provides quality fencing products and installations. Types of farm fencing products available include high tensile, PVC and Eastern cedar. To learn additional information about their exceptional products and services, click here.

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