The harshest winter in recent memory has just passed Chicago. The snow has melted and falls remains lye underneath. So the best thing to do is a home check down from top to bottom back to front to ensure your home is up to and beyond standards. With high wind gusts, and double-digit negative temperatures this winter, it is important to check all plumbing related pipes and equipment for weathering, including your yard.

Most all homes have different plumbing set ups. Some people have outside sprinkler systems and lines. It would be important for this person to check the sprinkler heads and make sure they’re intact. Another important thing you can do is to make sure nobody shoveled over them resulting in cracks or complete breaks.

Now, if we walk over to our storm drain covers, or storm basins and make sure they are clear of old leaves and debris this can improve water flow around the yard and prevent it from entering the house during spring showers. In the front of the house, check your sewers flood controls and cleanout caps, make sure there exposed and in tact. Make sure to take the time to do some spring sewer line cleaning. Maintenance rodding and extensive rodding are two perfect steps to getting this done. If you have need for flood control or flood prevention, call your local Skokie plumber.

Now that the landscaping is covered lets check our back, side, or front floor drains and window wells along the side of the house. Check to make sure there clear of debris, grab a five gallon bucket of water and poor them down the drains to make sure there draining properly. Finally, you need to get handy and grab a step latter or extension latter and check your gutter lines to make sure they are clear of leaves so the water will drain off the roof. Once these things are complete call a Skokie plumbing company to camera your sewer and make sure it’s clean and clear of tree roots and waste. This is cheap insurance to what could be an in home flood or yard flood!