Playing Fair in a Divorce

by | Dec 28, 2012 | bpoinfoline

Too many times in a divorce hearing, the parents can lose sight of what is important. If you are going through a divorce or have gone through one, you can probably relate. There are underlying issues that have caused the steps leading to the divorce and you may not be willing to overlook them. Hurt, resentment, and even embarrassment are negative feelings that are usually present in a divorce yet when there are children involved, you need to avoid pushing these feelings on the children. They are not the cause for the divorce and that is something that can be forgotten by the parents. A child custody lawyer in Stockton will be the advocate for the child or children that they need.

You probably know that it is very damaging for the children to be used as manipulation tools or to ask the children to choose one parent over the other. This can be hurtful to them and their future emotional well-being. Even if you don’t mean to do this, during a divorce, it can be difficult to remain objective. You may have phone calls with the other parent, conferences, and even mediation sessions that can end in anger or hurt. It is crucial that you don’t take out these feelings on the children by discussing it with them or talking with others about it in their presence. If you feel this is too difficult to keep from them, you may benefit from hiring a child custody lawyer in Stockton. It can help the proceedings move faster so the children can get on with their new routine.

Some children will feel more comfortable with one parent over another and that is common. This doesn’t mean they don’t love or need to spend time with the other parent. It just means neither parent should use it as a bargaining tool in the proceedings. It may just take time for the children to get accustomed to their new normal and if they whine and fuss about the other parent, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go for their visits. Unless there is evidence of abuse, harm, or other actual problems, the parents should not interfere with the others’ ability and opportunity to parent. A child custody lawyer in Stockton can help keep things in perspective and give you as parents the ability to coparent without the negative emotions affecting the children.

A Child Custody Lawyer In Stockton can help a family work through negative emotions to reach an agreement that works for all those involved. As an advocate for the child, a Child Custody Lawyer in Stockton will put their needs first, above the parents.

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