Pain Management Handled Through Stem Cell in Moore, Oklahoma

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Health Care

One of the more controversial topics among medical research involves stem cells, particularly the stem cells of the unborn. Embryonic stem cell research is such a hot, ethical topic because of the researchers using the cells of undeveloped, aborted embryo. Some have wondered if the scientists were not playing God. However, for all of the fuss about the research, stem cells have been used in the cures of many diseases and illnesses. There is a pain management center that makes use of the Stem Cell Moore, Oklahoma. Here are some of the effective uses of stem cells.

Stem cell work has helped doctors to generate healthy cells to be used in the treatment of their patients. These cells can be used, in fact, to help repair diseased tissue. Some of the people who will benefit from stem cell treatment are diabetics (type 1), those with spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s patients, those with Parkinson’s disease, those who suffer from heart disease and those with osteoarthritis. This is such a new field with seemingly unlimited possibilities that doctors are willing and eager to see if they can help their patients.

Anyone that has ever suffered from a degenerative disease such as type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or osteoarthritis can appreciate the treatments that stem cells offer. Those without hope before are now finding new hope in the application of stem cells. In particular, arthritis is a chronic ailment that just seems to get worse, no matter the physical therapy that sufferers have tried. Thus far, stem cells have been successful in treating people with the condition. More research is being done to make the cells apply to other arthritic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Longevity Joint Spine Pain in Moore is a pain management center that takes advantage of using stem cell treatments for patients. In addition to offering Stem Cell Moore, Oklahoma, they also offer epidural steroid treatment, radiofrequency ablation, platelet rich plasma injections and facet joint blocks. The pain management center has a full range of minimally-invasive spinal care and management. If you want to visit a pain management center that provides Stem Cell Moore, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas, visit the website at.

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