Obtaining a Restaurant Permit Los Angeles

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Los Angeles is known for its’ many restaurants located throughout the city. There are new restaurants popping up everyday all around the city. You can just about find any type of cuisine you are interested in anywhere in Los Angeles. If you want to be the next new restaurant on the block, there are some steps to take.

After you have decided the initial things, you then have to focus on finding a building. You need to pick out a location with lots of traffic so someone will notice your restaurant and bring in business. Once you’ve found a building, you then need to focus on obtaining a Restaurant Permit Los Angeles.

A building permit is required in most states when someone wants to open a business. When opening up a restaurant, a permit is required since you will be providing items – food and drink – that people will be consuming. This is very important because the city will conduct inspections of your restaurant to ensure it is meeting all the necessary guidelines for safety and hygiene.

A Restaurant Permit Los Angeles enables you to offer food and drink to the public. In a sense, it legitimizes your restaurant. Without the proper restaurant permit you can not operate your business or open up your business. If you plan on serving alcohol, you will need another license in order to do this. Serving food and alcohol to the public is risky business. Therefore, having insurance is a necessity.

If someone gets sick from eating your food, you can find yourself not only in a lawsuit, but the city can force you to close your business. If someone drinks too much at your restaurant and later is in an accident and injures or kills someone, your restaurant can be sued and held liable.

In order to obtain your Restaurant Permit, you would need to visit the city business license department and complete an application. You will need to show proof of a general business license, so make sure you have this first. Once you have filed the application for the permit, you will be mailed a temporary permit.

Once you receive the temporary permit, you can open your restaurant for business. But make sure you follow all the steps necessary in order to receive your official permit. Visit website URL

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