Need Water Drainage Repair in Branford, CT? Consider Paving Experts

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Business

Professional pavers and water drainage may not seem to have much in common, but they are actually closely connected. Poorly paved or broken driveways are a leading reason why experts like Atwater Paving are asked to do Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT. Fortunately, these businesses are design, material and installation experts who can fix and prevent problems.

Solving Problems Begins With Good Design

During new construction or Water Drainage Repair in Branford CT, paving specialists carefully evaluate properties. They use careful, thought-out processes that consider factors such as slope, drainage needs and materials. This is critical because poor drainage and damage can result in pooling water, algae growth, moss and flooded garages. Even a small amount of water becomes very dangerous in the winter and can turn driveways or sidewalks into skating rinks. Water that does not drain can also damage surfaces even further.

Professionals Offer Design Choices

Once engineers have evaluated properties, they will recommend paving solutions that meet clients’ needs and look beautiful for years. Options include smooth and aggregate materials, but not all choices are good for every property. For instance, clients may love the look of aggregates like gravel but not be able to install it due to local ordinances or difficulties removing snow. Asphalt is smooth and budget-friendly but has to be sealed every few years.  Regardless of the surface, every professional installation includes custom drainage that can prevent future issues.

Drainage Solutions Are Customized

Paving experts consider their clients’ properties and taste when designing drainage systems. During new construction, driveways are often built on slopes that allow water to run off naturally and flow into storm management systems. However, professionals who are repairing existing driveways often add French drains to flat or low-lying surfaces and may cover them with decorative grates.

Homeowners depend on paving experts to design, install and repair driveways and other outdoor surfaces. Paving specialists evaluate each property and recommend the best materials. They also install drainage systems that prevent water from flooding garages, damaging surfaces or becoming a hazard.

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