It’s frustrating to say the least when a drain gets backed up. While DIY solutions are available, too many homeowners, use the wrong methods or use the correct methods incorrectly. To avoid hassles and potentially causing further damage to the drain and pipes beneath it, contact plumbing services in Norcross to have the problem promptly fixed.

Drain augers, or plumber’s snake as they’re often called, is effective provided they’re used correctly. Many homeowners do not know how to use an auger the right way and end up wondering why they’re not dislodging and loosening any debris. Most augers purchased at hardware stores are also ineffective for larger drain and pipe systems.

Drain cleaners are another DIY quick fix that homeowners tend to turn to. While drain cleaning liquids with bioactive ingredients are usually effective, the fact is that the vast majority of cleaners use chemical preservatives. Sure, this may clean your drain, but its acidic and abrasive features may also damage the pipe’s inner lining. This is especially the case for older pipes made from lead or galvanized steel.

Believe it or not, some people also try to clear the drain using a water hose believing the pressure from the spray will dislodge the backed up debris. There is absolutely no evidence that this works, so leave the hose in the garden where it belongs. It is true that some plumbing services in Norcross use a pressure spray to clear a drain. However, the pressure from a hose is nowhere near strong enough to produce the same results.

Finally, some people have also tried to unclog a drain using a wired coat hanger. Sure, you may be able to loosen a few hairs and food particles, but it’s not going to completely clear a clogged drain. You’ll just be wasting your time and damage a perfectly good hanger. When a backup occurs, nearly the entire circumference of a section of the pipe is clogged, and a hanger isn’t going to solve the problem. Click here to know more.

When a backup occurs, the simplest solution is to leave the task to plumbing services in Norcross. Sure, you’ll pay a little more, but you can bet that the job will be done right the first time without risk of damage to your pipes. DIY solutions are often ineffective because homeowners simply do not have the experience or tools to complete the job to professional standards.

Plumbing services such as Business Name can clear a sink backup and provide tips for future prevention. Plumbing services in Norcross will ensure that drainage problems are fixed on the first-go with guaranteed results.