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by | Apr 23, 2013 | Roofing

Why would anyone want a metal roof, instead of the more conventional roof that people are used to? Primarily for durability. Metal roofs can last 50 years or more without major maintenance. They don’t crack, erode, or shrink. They can be made to imitate wood shake, slats, shingles, or clay tile roofs. The metal chosen can match the looks of your current roof, if you are patching, or your building walls when replacing the entire roof.

Metal roofing systems feature interlocking panels too, which resist high winds. In deserts this can be a real boon. They increase the value of a building and the enamel finish helps prevent rust, which is a boon in rainy areas. Further, many building managers and homeowners look for ways to “go green” and metal roofing materials contain more than 30% recycled content.

Who most often asks for metal roofing Seattle? Primarily commercial enterprises, such as warehouses and strip malls, and mixed-use buildings and schools. These buildings depend on durability, efficiency, and affordability in their construction. Metal roofs can also reduce insurance costs for commercial and residential buildings. And yes, more and more homeowners are choosing metal roofing for homes. In fact, 10% of homeowners in the United States now have metal roofs, according to Wikipedia.

Some building owners question the higher heat conductivity and noise of metal roofs. Metal roofing does require a different kind of insulation to prevent additional heat from entering the building. However, the reflective surface coating of the metal also reduces heat absorption in the first place. And the increased insulation reduces the noise of metal roofs when it rains, making them just as quiet as most traditional roofing.

If you are interested in having a metal roof installed, look for a company with skilled workers who can provide high quality services that you will be proud of. With the enamel finishes and numerous colors of sheet metal materials available, you should be able to have a roof that will last for many years and look good. The new roof could be installed over your old one, saving money in deconstruction costs. With lower insurance rates, as well, metal roofing Seattle can result in quite a savings over using traditional roofing materials.

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