If you have recently been involved in some type of situation where a child was born and it isn’t quite certain whether or not it is actually your responsibility, it’s time to take action. Don’t allow this to go on any longer than necessary, but instead, set up an appointment with a paternity attorney in Honolulu. He will be happy to get started with helping you to get a paternity test. This way, it can be determined who the father is.

Think about it for a moment. The thought of paying child support for 18 years can be very discouraging: it will cost you a lot of money and it may not even be your obligation to make these monthly payments. If this is a concern, contact Greg Ryan & Associates as soon as possible, since they will come up with a plan to get a paternity test right away.

Don’t feel guilty for asking a paternity test, this is something that happens quite frequently. The reason behind this is because others have a hard time being faithful, and if this is the case, don’t hesitate to contact a paternity attorney in Honolulu. There are options for a free consultation appointment and it will give you the chance to meet with an attorney so it can be determined what needs to happen. If you decide to proceed, they will get started with the paperwork as soon as possible.

Even though this may be very confusing, there is someone who is going to guide you in the night direction. The attorney has plenty of experience with cases just like this, so they are not going to allow you to pay child support for a child that may not be yours. If the former spouse is giving you a hard time about getting a paternity test, don’t talk to them for now. If they are making threats, be sure to notify the attorney who will take care of it. This can be a very discouraging process, however, it is something that needs to be taken care of if there is any question as to who the actual father happens to be.

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