Bringing a claim for medical malpractice should be taken seriously, as lawsuits are time-consuming, costly and can leave a person vulnerable to public scrutiny. Unlike other kinds of personal injury cases, trends show favoritism toward doctors rather than plaintiffs. Settlement is difficult in these cases because doctors have the option to refuse settlement, regardless of the insurer’s willingness to pay. Victims may decide to sue a doctor, but they should consider the consequences before doing so.

Cases Must Meet a Legal Threshold

Before a person sues a doctor, they should ask a malpractice lawyer in Surprise, AZ to evaluate the case and determine whether it meets the standard for medical malpractice. For a case to be valid, a doctor must fail to meet a standard of care, and the failure must cause injury. If a person can allege that their doctor failed to meet the minimum standard of care and they can back their allegations up with expert testimony, the case has a chance of success.

Unsuccessful Treatment

Many people choose to sue for malpractice because they are dissatisfied with the results of medical treatment. However, poor results-even death-don’t always equal malpractice. Medicine is highly imprecise, and even routine procedures can result in serious complications. There are no guarantees in medicine, and it is possible to have a poor result even when everything is done right.

Patients can distinguish between unsuccessful care and malpractice by getting second opinions from doctors. Garrison Law Firm may have expert staff that can render an opinion, or they may have dealt with a similar issue before.

The Affordability of a Medical Malpractice Suit

Medical malpractice cases are time-consuming, expensive and emotionally taxing. These suits are highly adversarial and can turn ugly quickly, so before a patient decides to sue their doctor, they should be ready to deal with the case’s consequences.

Medical records, expert testimony and medical exams all cost money; hence, if a person loses their case, they could be left to pay thousands in costs depending on the fee agreement. A patient should ask themselves if their case is important enough that the potential benefit outweighs the risks.

Those who file medical malpractice suits should be honest about their physical condition and they must be willing to undergo lengthy questioning from attorneys on both sides. Malpractice lawyers in Surprise, AZ can help a plaintiff prove their case while protecting their privacy as much as possible.