If you are looking to have a tennis court put in at your home or at your recreational facility, you should know a little about tennis court construction and repair in Sarasota FL. Tennis is not just for professional athletes, there are many sports enthusiasts that play tennis as an activity or hobby. If you are looking for a well constructed court, you might want to think about going with an acrylic surface.

Acrylic is a widely used material when it comes to tennis courts construction because of it’s durability and playability. An acrylic surface can last a long time. It is a material with strength and resilience that can endure weather, vigorous play and other conditions.

The playability factor of acrylic is outstanding. It can help tennis players perform their best. They can be sure-footed and will get a great ball bounce that will ensure for a great game.

Acrylic courts are very easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned off by the rain or a hose. It’s important to wipe up any spills from the surface so that fungi doesn’t grow.

If you have standing water on your court, get rid of it. Rain can clean the court but it should not settle there because it can stain your court or accumulate dirt if it is left for a long period of time. This can affect the court surface. Be sure to use soft bristle brushes if you are sweeping your court. A harsh brush can scratch the surface.

Another popular material used in tennis court construction and repair in Sarasota FL is clay. Clay tennis courts use a combination of crushed stone, rubber and plastics. They are expensive and require a lot of maintenance but they are smooth and consistent which makes them a popular choice. Even the French Open is played on a clay tennis court.

Whatever type of material you use to have your tennis court constructed, make sure you know how to properly maintain the court to ensure it lasts for a lifetime. Read about the different options of materials and the pros and cons of each one. Then contact tennis court construction and repair in Sarasota FL to help you plan out the perfect court for your home or your recreational facility.

The sport of tennis is one that is enjoyed by many. Having the best court possible made by a reliable, professional company is important. You are investing a lot of money into this project and you want it done right.

Tennis court construction and repair Sarasota FL – If you want to have the best court possible in Sarasota FL, Stewart Tennis Courts & Fencing will give you the type of court that best fits your needs.

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