Part of the home renovation focuses on replacing all the exterior and interior doors. In order to make sure the best results are achieved, it makes sense to consider various options. By working with a contractor to explore the pros and cons of different types of doors, it will be easy to settle on the right ones and proceed with the Door Installation in Frankfort.

The Exterior Doors

Consider the location and the type of door needed for each point of entry. For example, the front entry may require the use of sturdy double doors. The homeowner will want to look at solid wood or possibly metal doors as a good way to ensure that entry point is easy to secure. Keep in mind that even if the homeowner opts for a front door made of metal, it can be styled to resemble wood with ease.

For the glass patio doors, always go with tempered glass. Doing so provides an additional amount of security, since the glass will be shatter proof. In the event someone does attempt to break in at that entry point, it will take quite a bit of effort. Every second spent attempting to breach the entry point means more time for the authorities to arrive.

The back door of the home also needs attention. When the door happens to connect the kitchen with the back yard, considering a split design is a good idea. This makes it possible to open the top section to allow a nice breeze into the space. The bottom half can remain locked, offering a measure of security. At night, both sections are locked firmly in place, providing an effective barrier.

The Interior Doors

The doors inside the home are also important. With this kind of Door Installation in Frankfort, think about soundproofing qualities. Doors filled with some type of insulating materials are an excellent choice. Remember that while wood is often the first option people consider, metal doors can also be used inside the home. To achieve a look that fits in with the general home design, consider metal that is covered with wood veneer.

For homeowners who need help investigating options, talk with the team at A Better Door & Window today. Once the right doors are selected, they can manage the process of Door Installation in Frankfort with ease.

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