Making Sure Your Chimney Keeps Blowing Smoke

Chimney Repair in Bergen County NJ is usually something that people who own older homes have to worry about. With that said, it’s still advisable for people to have their chimneys inspected even if their homes were recently built. Unfortunately, there are times when even newly constructed chimneys can begin to have problems that need to be fixed by a professional. Some people believe that a damaged chimney only presents a cosmetic problem. The truth of the matter is that a chimney that is damaged may end up obstructing ventilation. Because of harmful gases, obstructed ventilation can have deadly consequences.

There are several reasons why a chimney can be damaged and in need of Chimney Repair in Bergen Country NJ. Over time, the elements can simply wear away at a chimney. Heat, rain, and snow will eventually negatively affect a chimney. There are also times when the damage can be acute. If a severe storm hits the city, it may cause roof and chimney damage to a home. Using the chimney can also cause damage over an extended period of time. The gases that are released when the chimney is used can cause the mortar to decay.

If you find a chimney contractor and visit the website, you can easily schedule an inspection for your chimney. During the inspection, the contractor will look for things like cracks and chips in your chimney. They will examine the mortar to make sure that it isn’t breaking down. Mortar that is breaking down must be caught early so that problems with the chimney’s bricks can be prevented. If the mortar is allowed to continue to break down, the bricks in the chimney will start to become loose. When a mortar problem is detected, a contractor will replace the old mortar with new mortar. Using weather-resistant mortar is preferable.

There can also be problems with the space surrounding a chimney. This space can lead to attic air leaks that can increase energy costs. A chimney contractor can fill the gaps with fireproof material. Contractors can also use caulk that can hold up under high temperatures to fix problems in and around a home’s chimney.