Making Money Using a Scrap Yard in Rochester MN

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Business

A huge and important part of the recycling industry is scrap metal recycling. By turning original metal appliances, cars, and building materials into reusable metal, it saves the need for more mining in order to obtain new ore. The United States has a huge scrap metal export sector. A Scrap Yard Rochester MN area will accept metal from individuals as well as business and industry.

Metal that may be readily recycled includes steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and brass. This material can come from construction debris, junked cars, and even food packaging. Just about any metal can be taken to a Scrap Yard Rochester MN area, but be careful to make sure that it yours to take.

Metal prices have increased over the past few years, especially for copper. Some people make a tidy extra income from cash payments made by recycling their scrap metal, or metal from people who need items removed from their property. Before taking metal to the scrap yard, make sure that it is actually worth something first.

The difference in metal is determined by the use of a magnet. Any magnet will show what needs to be known. Metal that allows the magnet to stick is ferrous, and this type is more common. This includes steel and iron, which isn’t worth a lot. However, it is good to recycle it, and large loads can add up in value. A magnet that doesn’t stick is indicative of a non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel. These tend to be worth more when brought in for scrap.

Not all scrap yards take every metal, so contact the local ones to find out what metals are accepted. You’ll also what to know if you need to do anything special, like break down old appliances for the metal, or how to prepare a vehicle for junking. Also, see if you need to unload the materials yourself, or if the scrap yard employees will do so. After all of the metal is accounted for and weighed, a ticket will be given to you to cash out in the office.

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