When a vehicle fails to start, there can be a number of reasons such as a fault in the ignition system or a blockage in the fuel line. Attempting to guess the problem might lead to unnecessary repairs. However, an expert in Auto Service in Wichita KS can test the vehicle, inspect the failure and make a diagnosis while the owner is still making guesses. One tool that a top quality shop should have access to is the computer diagnostic system. Diagnosing a modern automobile is often a process of connecting the diagnostic system and letting it read the various computer chips for further details. A number of systems now have simple circuits to determine if a failure has occurred. A simple example of this is the fuel pump in certain vehicles. If this device fails, it breaks a circuit that signals the chip that something is broken. In this case, there is no warning since the fuel pump tends to fail before there is any chance to do so. This setup can save many work hours in cases where the fuel pump is placed in the tank. Many other components can be checked in this manner. Unfortunately, the majority of smaller subsystems don’t have this luxury and a technician with experience in Auto Service in Wichita KS will need to physically examine them. For example, when a water hose begins to fail, it may show signs of weakness such as cracks from dry-rot or blistering from excessive heat. These are definite indicators that the hose is damaged and will fail very soon, most likely while the vehicle is being driven. Some automotive problems use different tools. Testing the compression in an engine uses an old fashioned pressure gauge. The test is actually fairly simple. The mechanic will need to remove the spark plug for the cylinder to be tested and insert the pressure gauge. The engine will need to be cranked, and this step requires a well-charged battery since the engine will not be running. Each cylinder will be tested individually to determine how much wear the engine has. Compression is necessary so that the fuel will be thoroughly condensed for a better burn. Weak compression may also cause the engine to burn oil if the piston rings are failing. For more information, contact the experts at Business Name.