Can you remember a time when you didn’t own a cell phone? Members of the younger generation only have a vague recollection of a time before cell phones became common place in our lives. Since many folks have given up their land lines in favor of a cellular device, a reliable signal is of the utmost importance. No one wants to experience a dropped call in the middle of a conversation, especially if it is an emergency. When choosing a cellular network, cell phone users are looking for a company that provides reliable service with the most desirable features at an affordable price.

Maybe that sounds like a lot to ask from a cell phone service provider, but it is exactly what consumers can expect from Hawaiian Telecom Hawaii. This cellular network offers multiple services bundled together at competitive prices. They offer high speed Internet and home phone service at a very reasonable price. Customers can opt for this plan plus unlimited long distance at a slight increase in their monthly rate. Both plans include home phone, free McAfee virus protection, wireless home network, and free WiFi available from more than 200 locations across the state.

Hawaiian Telecom Hawaii also serves the needs of business customers no matter how large or small. Is your business just starting out? They have the tools for all your communication needs and can advise business owners on the best system for them. If your business is expanding and you need to upgrade your system, this cellular provider offers an excellent all-in-one bundle that won’t break your budget. The bundle includes unlimited local and long distance calling, hosted voice, and broadband Internet. If you or your staff is unfamiliar with any of the components of this system, don’t worry. No prior technology experience is necessary and no IT training is needed. Phones are guaranteed, so if one breaks it will be replaced for free. Hawiian Telecom has a special offer for business subscribers who select the bundle. They receive a free phone system.

Whatever your cellular needs might be, you can depend on this provider for the best possible communication service available.