You may have heard of many “new” philosophies about how to lead a better life. Many have proclaimed they know the secret to success lies in maintaining a positive attitude no matter what happens and better things will begin to come your way. However, this is not a new idea or a new way to live. Christians know faith is the key to maintaining a positive attitude and improving your life.

What is a Positive Attitude?

A positive attitude allows you to go through life believing things will always be alright. You see the sunny side of things and you always strive to see the good in people and situations. A positive attitude is what allows people to overcome life’s challenges deep in the knowledge that things will work out okay. And with this belief things usually are okay. It is also treating everyone with kindness and a smile and being so intent on being the best possible person you can be you never have time to cast dispersions on others, be critical or past judgement on others. You are interested in being better yourself not in making others feel bad. As you can see a positive attitude is all about believing in the good of the world and in believing you are capable of finding happiness and success. It is faith.

What is Faith?

Faith is knowing things will always be alright because of God’s love. It is believing God only wants good things for you and for all living things. Faith is finding strength to carry on and view everyday as an opportunity. It allows you to overcome difficulty because you know things will always get better. You use God’s love to treat others with love and respect and live a charitable life free of judging others. You are filled with God’s light which makes you work at being the best possible you can be with forgiveness for others and happiness in your heart.  Belief in God is a comforting influence in your life. It is not just a belief, but the knowledge that God is with you in everything you do. Faith can be at the heart of your positive attitude and daily Bible Devotions will help you strengthen your attitude in the world and about God’s love.

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