Being charged with driving under the influence is a very precarious situation. The consequences can be severe, especially if you’ve been down the road of DUI charges in the past. If you’re considered a repeat offender, there’s an excellent chance you’ll face jail time and serious fines. If you feel a mistake was made in your case, selecting a qualified DUI lawyer can save you from a world of financial ruin and loss of freedoms. Even if you’ve been convicted of a DUI in the past, you’re still entitled to legal representation. In cases such as these, there’s no time for procrastination.

Legal Implications

There are a few factors that impact the sentence someone will receive for a DUI. The first factor is the blood alcohol level. Individuals over 21 having a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher will be charged with DUI. The second factor is how many previous DUI convictions you have. For example, a resident of Maryland who’s been charged with a second DUI offense could be facing up to a year in prison, license suspension, and thousands of dollars in fines. The third deciding factor is whether or not the individual charged with a DUI was transporting a minor. If a minor was involved, the sentence will be increased even further.

Don’t Take the Fall

A DUI can stay on your criminal record permanently, and as illustrated above, can involve several critical legal issues. A DUI lawyer Salisbury MD professional is your best answer and greatest asset if you’re being wrongly accused. An attorney will have access to the police tape recordings and police reports. If any misconduct or breach of procedure occurred, they will apply that to your defense. The chances of charges being dropped are improved with a qualified attorney. You don’t have to navigate this route on your own. Contact a skilled professional and avoid life-altering consequences.