The foundation of any building is the anchor that holds everything in place. A failing foundation can cause all sorts of problems from simple cracks in the walls to doors and windows that stick or don’t close properly. However, the worst problem that occurs is the lost value of the home. A structure with a faulty foundation is practically impossible to sell because no one wants the expense of repairs. Thankfully, Concrete Foundation Repair in Rockville can eliminate this problem by properly shoring up the foundation.

The most common reason for foundation failure and the resulting cracks is moisture in the soil. This causes the house to settle as the soil under the foundation shifts. Excess moisture can come from heavy rainfall, but it is usually the result of water shedding from the roof or improper soil drainage. Once these problems are alleviated, you can fix the basement or foundation. One method for eliminating basement water problems is the installation of a French drain. This is a small channel that runs along the edges of the basement walls and drains to a single point. At this point is a sump with an automatic pumping system to push the water out of the home.

The best way to repair cracks is by sealing the problem. This is usually done with hydraulic cement. To ensure that water doesn’t return, the crack is sealed with heavy duty vinyl. This blocks any seepage that could destroy the new repair. After this, the hydraulic cement is forced into the crack. The reason that hydraulic cement is used is because it is more durable than other repairs such as epoxy or polyurethane. These products have a tendency to cure and pull away from the concrete.

No matter what the cause of the foundation failure, it may be necessary to have an expert check to ensure it is stable. This should be done before any initial repairs, or the work may need to be done again. Once you are sure the foundation is stable, then you can begin fixing the cracks. It is important to do this properly because shoddy repairs will simply fail and could even ruin the foundation further. To learn more about Concrete Foundation Repair in Rockville, visit the website.