Jewelry stores have beautiful engagement rings, Dayton OH residents want

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Jewelry

If you are looking for sensational engagement rings, Dayton, OH is the place to be. With so many custom jewelry stores, you can simply create what you want. Some people prefer to spend about two to four weeks looking for the right engagement rings. Dayton, residents know they can find the best ring possible for affordable prices. You should also feel the weight and size for the person its for. Some people like to get matching wedding bands when they purchase the engagement ring. Dayton, OH couples sometimes prefer to pick out the bands together.

A bride can choose to wear her engagement ring on her right hand and wedding ring on her left. This makes it easier to be a little versatile when choosing the metal of the ring. The traditional ring is yellow gold, but the more modern one is white gold or platinum with a single diamond inset. Another modern approach is when they have the wedding band act as an extension to the engagement ring. Platinum is a very stylish and hard metal and makes an amazing symbol for love.

When looking for engagement rings, Dayton residents prefer to go to local shops. In Dayton there are many artists and custom shops where you can find something amazing for your future fiance. A lot of people do not know what options they have when choosing one. Some people like to try to figure out there fiancé’s taste, but if you are getting married you should have a good idea.

How to pick your ring:

Three steps to start your journey

1. Be very attentive to your fiancé’s likes and dislikes.
2. If your fiancé has jewelry you can tell them you are getting something engraved while secretly using it to size her engagement ring.
3. You can discuss it with a best friend. Best friends are notorious for helping with a proposal. you can also get them to borrow the ring if you don’t want to ask to engrave it.

Now its time to hunt

There are so many types of rings and stones that it can be very overwhelming to pick a ring. The truth is most people are so excited to get proposed to that picking a ring is not that hard. There are only two real steps to finding the perfect ring.

1. Within you budget, you will need to get a big enough diamond to show off and small enough to not draw any attention.
2. Make sure you know whether she likes, yellow or white gold, or silver or platinum. Some jewelers do have rings with certain combinations.

When you decided on getting your engagement rings, Dayton jewelers have some of the best selections around. Take your time, and make sure you get the perfect one. After all this is going to be one of the best days of you entire life.

Show how much you care for your loved one with beautiful and stunning engagement rings in Dayton,

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