When a person is arrested, a judge will set a bail or bond amount. This is a large lump sum of money they must put down with the court to be released from jail. This is good faith money that they will return to court on their set court date, instead of never returning or running from the law. Many people do not have a large lump sum of cash sitting around to put up, so they call on a Jail Bond Rutherford County for help.

A bondsman will show up at the jail and put up the money for the person who has been arrested. This can be several hundred dollars, or several thousands of dollars. They do not do this for free or as an act of kindness. They charge fees and sometimes interest on the money, and do so to turn a hefty profit. The person in jail is happy to get out, and finds that the fee charged is more than worth getting out of jail. The bondsman gets his or her money back when the person goes to court, plus the fees they charged. This is a win-win for both parties.

If a person fails to appear in court, the Jail Bond Rutherford County may go after them to revoke the bond. This means that they track the person down and turn them back into the jail. The get their money back, and may decide that the person is too much of a risk to bail out of jail again. They have the person applying for bail or a bond to fill out an extensive application so that they know exactly how to find them if something goes wrong. They will put down info like their parents and siblings name and addresses, as well as their place of work, contact numbers, friend’s addresses and so on.

Because a large lump sum of money is put up, there may be a need for collateral. Sometimes a co-signer may also be required. The co-signer or the person being bonded out of jail may need to put up a clear car title, or a home.

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