Is It Time for New Framed Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta?

The idea of renovating the master bathroom is appealing, but there is some question about what will stay and what needs to be replaced. In particular, the homeowner is not sure what to do with the shower doors. Here are some tips that will make it easier to decide if Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta, should be part of the renovation.

The Glass Looks Dull

Even though the glass is cleaned regularly, it has begun to take on a dull tint. Nothing seems to make any difference. At some point in the past, one of those cleaning agents did damage the glass to some extent. While the doors are still functional, the space will never really look clean unless those older Glass Shower Doors In Atlanta are replaced with new ones.

The Track is Bent

Over the years, the constant use has left the tracks for the doors in less than perfect condition. That has also affected the framing on each of the doors. Since the plan is to redo the bathroom anyway, why not use this as the perfect time to replace the doors and the framing? The new setup will certainly eliminate the presence of any dings and ensure the doors slide with ease.

Time for a Different Type of Glass

The old doors are still in decent shape, but the owner has tired of the glass currently used. Something different would help give the space a real lift. For example, instead of frosted glass, maybe the idea of etched glass would add some visual pop to the bathroom. Like all the other decorating elements, there is no reason the owner cannot invest in new shower doors as a way to make the space more attractive.

To get some ideas for that bathroom renovation, pay a visit to All Glass and see what kind of options are in stock. Compare designs, styles, and the materials used for each set of shower doors. It will not take long to find a couple of choices that would be great for the space and also happen to fit neatly into the budget for the renovation.