Injured in a Fall? Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Monroe

by | May 9, 2013 | Lawyers

When a person is injured because someone else made a mistake, they need to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Monroe office to make sure that they receive compensation. Those funds can be used to pay medical bills and to compensate for lost wages. Personal injury lawyers routinely deal with people injured in automobile accidents, individuals who slip and fall on a wet store floor, or dog bite victims. Family members can sue for damages if a spouse, parent or child is killed. These legal actions are referred to as wrongful death lawsuits. Often the medical care in a nursing home or hospital is questioned in these types of lawsuits.

In order to win a personal injury lawsuit the plaintiff has to show that the defendant was negligent and that they had a right to be on the defendant’s property. A store owner invites the public into their shop to conduct business. So the shopper deserves a high degree of protection. When the store owner’s floor gets wet because they had to clean up a spill, the owner has to make every effort to warn the public that the floor is wet.

However, if a neighbor stops by a person’s house without warning and slips on a wet floor, they don’t get the same degree of protection under the law. While the homeowner let them on their property, they weren’t expecting them to be visiting. It is entirely reasonable that they would be washing their floor. However, the injured party could claim they should have been warned. This type of complaint can get exceedingly complicated. A Personal Injury Lawyer Monroe representative can help either the defendant or plaintiff sort out their rights and responsibilities.

Most Personal Injury Lawyer Monroe practices take a plaintiff’s case on a contingency basis. That means that they take their earnings out of any settlement that is given to the plaintiff. Contingency payments assure that people with modest incomes can take on larger corporations in court. A lawyer will usually meet with a potential client for free the first time, to determine if they want to represent the client.

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