Information to Bring to a Meeting with an 18 Wheeler Lawyer in Nashville TN

Trucking accidents are very serious and can have lifelong consequences. These crashes often occur at high speeds, and almost always involve very large vehicles such as 18-wheelers. Property damage and injuries can be significant; if a person suffers damage in a trucking accident, they should hire a truck accident lawyer for proper representation.

Below is a list of information that can help an 18 Wheeler Lawyer Nashville TN prepare a case.

Driver and Trucking Company Details

   *       The trucking company’s name (if applicable)

   *       The driver’s name

   *       The vehicle’s plate number

   *       Identifying details of the truck

   *       The driver’s CDL (commercial driver’s license) number

   *       Other professional associations of the company or the driver

Accident Details

   *       How did the accident happen?

   *       Did the victim file a police report?

   *       Was either driver charged with a violation?

   *       Was video or photo evidence taken on-scene?

   *       Does the victim have contact info and names of others involved in, or who witnessed the accident?

   *       Where/when did the accident happen?

   *       Were others involved?

   *       What were the road conditions like at the time of the accident?

   *       Did anyone seek medical attention after the accident?

Post-Accident Medical Records

   *       What normal activities can the victim no longer do after the accident?

   *       What medical diagnosis was received after the accident?

   *       How long was the victim hospitalized?

   *       Were scans/x-rays taken?

   *       Has the victim had a similar injury in the past?

Vehicle Condition After the Accident

   *       What’s the model, make and year of the vehicle?

   *       Is the vehicle under a lien?

   *       How long has the victim owned the vehicle?

   *       In what condition was the vehicle before the accident?

   *       Has the victim received a damage estimate?

   *       Are there before- and after-accident photos of the vehicle?

The Victim’s Financial & Personal Details

   *       Does the victim currently have a job, and how much do they make?

   *       Has the victim missed work because of the accident?

   *       Does the victim have a driver’s license and auto insurance?

   *       Has the victim previously been in a car accident?

   *       Has the victim been convicted of criminal acts?

After they Browse Site, accident victims can use the questions in this guide to maximize the time spent with an 18 Wheeler Lawyer Nashville TN during an initial consultation. Bring the list and a file containing relevant documents, records and photo evidence to the meeting with the lawyer.