Information on How Bail Bonds Work

When a person is placed under arrest for a crime, they are immediately booked and placed in jail until they go before the judge, and bail is granted. Bail may be granted in a small enough amount the person can have a friend or family member free them. When a bail amount is higher than friends and family can afford, a bail bondsman may be needed. A bondsman can sign for a Bail Bond in Clayton County so the arrested individual can be freed from jail after their trial.

When a person hires a bondsman for Bail Bond in Clayton County, a fee must be paid for the services. The fee required is mandated by state law and varies by state. The vast majority of states do not allow bondsmen to charge more than ten percent of the bail amount.

A fee is paid so the bondsman can be hired. By posting a bond, the bondsman agrees to take complete responsibility for making sure the arrested individual returns for all appointed court dates. In the event, the person was not to show, the bondsman is held responsible for the entire bail amount.

This responsibility allows them to work with bounty hunters to bring in a person who has skipped bond. They can perform a citizen’s arrest and bring their client into custody. There are harsh punishments for those who do not return to court so it is best people are compliant with the laws.

Even if a person shows for every court date and meets the stipulations set forth by the bonding company, they will not receive the fee they paid back. This fee is considered payment for services rendered and is never refunded.

If a person is being bonded out of jail, it is important they keep track of court appointments and arrive early. This will avoid a bench warrant being released. Bench warrants can further complicate the trial process for the crime they have been accused of.

To learn more about bail bonding services and all they offer, click here. This will give you the information you need so you can understand how these services work, should you ever need to hire a bondsman.

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