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by | Aug 3, 2020 | Health

Spider veins, which should not be confused with varicose veins, are blood vessels that have been stretched or dilated and that have a type of branching pattern. They are often seen on the lower leg, thigh and even on the face. Spider veins are considered progressive and typically increase in number and visibility as a person ages. One option for Spider Vein Removal is sclerotherapy, which erases them from the skin completely.

When is it time to Consider Treatment for Spider Veins?

There are a number of signs it is time for Spider Vein Removal Schaumburg IL. If there are visible veins on the thighs and legs that appear to branch, if there are the presence of these veins on the face or if the spider veins are an indication of age that a person would like to have removed, then treatment and removal should be sought.

Advantages of this Treatment

There are a number of advantages of seeking services for the removal of spider veins, which include:

* Laser therapy and sclerotherapy are considered time-proven and safe procedures that cause virtually no pain or discomfort.

* The therapy’s offer an improvement for the appearance of the spider veins.

* There is no type of downtime after the treatment. Patients will be able to return to work directly after the procedure.

Disadvantages of the Treatment

Just like any other type of treatment, there are a number of disadvantages that a person should be aware of prior to undergoing the removal of spider veins. These include:

* In many cases, several treatments are necessary.

* Patients may have to wear support stockings to help and keep the veins that have been treated closed and to help and minimize bruising.

* Color changes and bruising, as well as small areas of scarring may begin to take place when the treatment is performed.

Taking the time to learn more about spider vein treatment and the options that are available for removal can be quite beneficial. Those who would like to learn more can contact the professionals like Skypoint Vein Center. Being educated about the procedure can be quite beneficial and help a person determine if this is the right treatment for their needs.

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