Important Considerations for Prenuptial Agreements in Queens NY

by | Jun 29, 2013 | Lawyers

An impending wedding is an exciting time where weddings are planned and lifelong relationships are solidified. However, unfortunately, not all of these joyous occasions and wonderful feelings about matrimony pan out. In some cases, marriages go bad. When this happens, often times people are thrust into very tumultuous, emotionally draining and messy divorces. However, with Prenuptial Agreements Queens, some of this difficulty can be avoided.

It’s important to remember that talking about prenuptial agreements can be very difficult. Some people feel that if you talk about a prenuptial agreement you’re being pessimistic and you are already envisioning a scenario where the marriage won’t work. However, others feel that it is good planning and it is wise to be prepared for any situation.

Whatever your feelings are about it, it’s important that you discuss your desire to have a prenuptial agreement early on in the relationship. This is not something that you should surprise your soon to be spouse with. While you may not necessarily agree on the need for one, you don’t want to present your fiance with a prenuptial agreement without any warning.

Secondly, if you’re going to have a prenuptial agreement, you are going to need to meet with an attorney in order to have the prenuptial agreement drafted with all the particular legalities involved in such a document. If you’re going to hire a lawyer, you and your fiance need to be on the same page.

Attorneys go from anywhere from $120 an hour to up to $500 an hour when it comes to drafting a prenuptial agreement. At these rates, it’s not the time to waste an attorney’s time and spend an excessive amount of money quibbling over whether you want a prenuptial agreement.

Whether you think that it’s sowing a seed of doubt in the longevity of a marriage or whether you feel it’s good planning, there’s no question that many people before getting married Considers Prenuptial Agreements Queens. The most important thing to do is speak with your fiance about the situation and make sure that both of you are in agreement before any prenuptial agreements are considered.

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