Importance of Engine Repair Colorado Springs

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Automotive

The Engine is said to be the heart of your car, just like the human heart, a car cannot function without the engine; it is the engine that burns fuel to produce heat energy which is converted into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is directed to the wheels through the transmission and the differential resulting in motion. The car’s transmission does the work of balancing between power and speed. This makes it possible for your car to achieve the speed and power combinations required for different driving conditions. Engine repair is thus a crucial part of car maintenance.

The car’s engine is divided into the upper part known as the cylinder head and the lower part which is the engine block. Both parts have different components in them, the cylinder head houses the top part of the engine’s components such as the cam shafts and the valves while the lower part contains the fly wheel, the cylinders and the crank shafts.

Carrying out regular engine repair, Colorado helps keep your vehicle in top performance condition which is a key contributor to a vehicle’s efficiency, power output and handling.

There are different types of engine repair that can be carried out depending on the degree of damage. Tune ups refer to minor adjustments to the engine. This kind of service is done mostly to the upper part of the engine, the cylinder head. This is where the combustion process can be adjusted through adjustments of the camshafts, valves, spark plugs and the distributor system.

Repairs on the cylinder head also include timing adjustments which also help increase efficiency and enhance cleaner emissions.

Overhauls are occasional maintenance that includes the engine block, during overhauls, the engine is literally brought apart and all its internal components carefully examined and replaced depending on the degree of wear on them. This is a once in a while engine repair service that can be very expensive but with very significant improvements in the engine’s performance.

There are two main motor vehicle engine types; these are the diesel and petrol engines. Diesel engines are believed to require more frequent service than petrol engines, both of these engines types have slightly different operating modes and thus their engine repair Colorado Springs are equally different. Diesel engines for example do not rely on sparkplugs in the combustion chamber but perform what is known as compression ignition.

For those engines that are damaged beyond repair, total engines can be carried out; all of the above repairs can be carried out at an auto garage and should only be done by well-trained mechanics. This is because any error in the engine assembly can cause irreversible damage to the entire engine.

Engine repair is one of the services that we offer; we have a team of trained mechanics who are able to restore your car’s engine performance.

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