Identifying Penalties with a Traffic Violations Attorney in Jefferson County, MO.

In Missouri, DUI and DWI convictions lead to strict penalties and hefty fines. The state utilizes laws that apply to drivers of all ages and those who operate commercial trucks. The statewide crackdown on offenders allows the court and the Missouri Department of Revenue to apply penalties according to the total number of convictions on the driver’s record.

What Blood Alcohol Level Defines a DWI or DUI?

According to Missouri law, a blood alcohol reading of 0.02 percent identifies a DUI or DWI for any minor who chooses to drive after drinking or using controlled substances. This level is increased to 0.04 percent for all commercial drivers. For all other drivers, the level is 0.08 percent or higher. Drivers arrested under suspicion of a DWI or DUI should contact a traffic violations attorney in Jefferson County, MO today.

The Minimum Penalties for DWI

The maximum jail sentence applied to a DWI is six months. The applicable fine assigned by the court won’t exceed $500. All drivers convicted of DWI must attend alcohol or drug evaluation programs. If it is determined that the individual has an addiction, they could receive an order to seek treatment. In most cases, the driver’s license is suspended for a period of no longer than one year. However, if the accused has a previous conviction, the suspension lasts for five years.

Penalties Imposed by the Department of Revenue

All first convictions face a ninety-day license suspension. A second offense suspension lasts for one year. However, if the second conviction occurs in a five-year period, the suspension lasts five years. Any third conviction or beyond allows the Department of Revenue to impose a suspension for ten years.

For individuals who are convicted of DUI, the state could require an ignition interlock device. They could also require the driver to retake the written and road test to reinstate their driver’s license. If convicted, the driver is also required to purchase SR-22 insurance and maintain it according to the court’s ruling. To learn more about these proceedings contact a traffic violations attorney in Jefferson County, MO or visit the website now.

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