Ideas For Bronze Memorials in New Haven

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Business

There are several different choices in Bronze Memorials in New Haven today. The type that you choose may depend on your personal taste, your budget, and the wishes of the loved one that the monument is meant to honor. Perhaps the most commonly used type of monument today is the flat marker for the grave. This type of market is typically around a foot long, and may be around six to eight inches high. There is usually plenty of room on this type of memorial to engrave the name, dates of life, and even a quote if desired.

Another popular option for memorials, today is the headstone. These type of monument can be nearly any size, from the very small to the towering. A headstone memorial is typically more expensive than a simple flat marker. The headstone monument will usually take up a great deal more space, as well. The advantage of this type of headstone memorial is that you can put a great deal more text on it. You can also add statues, crosses, angels, or other permanent items that give you special memories of the deceased.

The most popular option for monument materials, today is usually bronze. Bronze is such a good choice for monuments because it is very durable, and it is easy to engrave. You can personalize a bronze headstone or flat grave marker with not only text, but also images. Some people choose brass for a monument material option. However, brass is usually a much more expensive option. Overall, bronze is considered to be the very best of all the choices in monument metals.

Stone monuments are also popular today, with granite being the leading choice. Granite is nearly as popular as bronze thanks to its durability level. Marble is another popular choice for monument stone, however marble is not as durable as granite is. If you want to look at some options in Bronze Memorials in New Haven, consider contacting Business Name. They have monuments in nearly every price range, and in a large variety of styles. One of them will be perfect for your needs!

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