Much of the beef that is consumed today are in ranches much different than the ones you may have found in the past. Although this may help to increase the amount of beef that is available, it has lowered the quality of food that you eat. Today, more and more people are looking for organic meat in New Jersey. Although these types of ranches are not as abundant, they are becoming more popular as fewer people accept what has become the traditional source of meat today.

Grain Fed Cattle
The majority of cattle today are fed grains, often from corn which is one of the most abundant crops in the United States. Unfortunately, you cannot find a lot nutritional value in corn, especially for a cow that typically eats grass. One of the reasons there is lower nutritional value is because the corn has been harvested already for a long period of time. Usually the worst pieces of corn are used to feed cattle, this is the corn that is not considered good enough for human consumption. Since there is little to no nutritional value, the cow has to eat a lot more of it in order to get what it needs, adding a lot of fat.

This fat is passed on to you and it can be seen when you buy a roast or even steak. When you make a purchase, not only are you paying for the meat but for the additional weight of the fat. Even though you may trim away the excess fat that you can see, there will still be fat that you do not see throughout the cut of meat. This creates more bad cholesterol for you, instead of creating the good cholesterol that is found in organic meat in New Jersey.

Grass Fed Cattle
Grains do not have the vitamin E and other nutritional value that the beef would usually pass on to you when it is consumed. Even if the grain has vitamin E added, it still does not have the benefits that organic, free roaming meat will have, and it will definitely not have the same flavor. Besides vitamin E, you can also gain five times the CLA of grain fed beef by choosing organic beef. As mentioned before, you can also get the good cholesterol advantages of omega-3 with natural organic meat.

Make the choice today to switch to organic meat in New Jersey. When looking for a place to purchase your meat, you may even find some that do home delivery. This will help to save you time and money over the long run while providing you with better nutrition overall.

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