How To Save Money On Your Monthly Air Conditioning Bill

by | May 7, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Are you sweating out your entire group of family members and friends this summer because you refuse to turn on the air conditioning? Heating and air conditioning in Knoxville TN can be pricey or cheap depending on the way it is used. If all of your heating and cooling systems are properly maintained, and you use a few simple tricks, you may be able to cut down on your monthly air conditioning bill.

First, avoid heating up your house unnecessarily on very hot days. If you can help it, try not to use your oven for cooking or baking, especially during the peak of heat on hot days. Turning on your oven for a long period of time on a hot day can counter the cool air your air conditioner is trying to blow through your house. After showering, turn on the overhead fan to suck out all of the hot steamy air so that it doesn’t circulate through the house and take away from the coolness of the air conditioning unit. Overworking your home unit for heating and air conditioning in Knoxville, TN can only lead to a higher utility bill.

Secondly, try turning off your heating and air conditioning in Knoxville TN on cool nights. Take advantage of breezy summer evenings and open your windows instead. While you might not get the same chill of air conditioning, cool breezy nights can at least cool your home to a livable breathable temperature. Just be sure to close your windows again when the hot sun of the morning comes out again.

When the hot sun is shining in through your windows, it automatically begins to raise the temperature. If you want to prevent that natural heat from canceling out the cool of the air conditioning, use thick heavy window coverings to block out the sun. It is silly to pay for air conditioning when you are just countering the cool with the heat of the summer sun.

Finally, have a specialist for heating and air conditioning Knoxville to come to your home and inspect your cooling unit. If your cooler is not in top shape, it may be working harder than it needs to to keep your home cool. An air conditioning technician may be able to make minor repairs and maintenance that can keep your cooler running at optimum performance.

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