According to data from a leading Auto Accident Lawyer St Petersburg, car accidents and subsequent injuries are increasing every year. This is partly due to the increasing numbers of vehicles on the road, but a more important factor is the fact that drivers are coping with more distractions than ever before and are frequently unable to stay aware of their surroundings, which leads to accidents and injuries. When you’ve just experienced a collision, it can be difficult to think straight, but there are a few important steps you must take in order to ensure a successful outcome.

First of all, make sure that everyone involved is safe, and call emergency services if necessary. Even if there are no visible signs of injury, you may want to call for an ambulance anyway to check for internal issues. Assuming everyone is just shaken up, proceed with inspecting your vehicle for damage, but be sure to avoid saying anything that could be construed as accepting blame for the accident, even if you feel it was your fault. Wait until you can talk to your lawyer and insurance agent before assigning the fault to yourself. If you have a smart phone, use it to take photos of the accident scene from all angles; this can be invaluable when it comes to receiving the proper compensation for the damage, whether from your insurance provider or the other party’s. If you don’t have a phone or other electronic device that can take photos, try to contact a friend who does or run into a convenience store and grab a disposable camera. Prior to leaving the accident scene, however, be sure to exchange information with the other driver and wait for the police to arrive. Speaking to the officer and making sure he or she writes down accurate information is another crucial part of resolving an accident. Visit for more information.

Being involved in an automobile accident can be traumatic and even life-threatening, so make a point of taking precautions when you’re on the road, and if you are in an accident, place everyone’s safety first. Once everyone is safe, follow these tips from an experienced Auto Accident Lawyer St Petersburg to lay the groundwork for a successful resolution.