There are many reasons mold and mildew can invade a home, and they all revolve around moisture. When disaster strikes and a home is flooded with water, there is a twenty-four hour window where all moisture must be removed or mold and mildew growth begin. High levels of moisture can remain even after standing water has been removed. This can lead to substantial growth in Mold And Mildew in Corning NY.

Mold and mildew both pose a health threat. This is especially so in individuals with compromised immune systems, asthma or allergies. Small children and the elderly are most at risk of developing health complications because of these substances. This is why it is imperative the Mold, And Mildew in Corning NY is properly removed, so the health risks are no longer a threat. You need to contact ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties to find out more.

Though there are many household cleaners, that boast of being able to kill mold and mildew, most of these are ineffective. This is because mold needs to be treated according to exacting standards. Moldy areas should never be scrubbed during cleaning. This can disturb the spores and cause them to become airborne. Once they are airborne, they become even more dangerous since they can be breathed in.

Bleaching and cleaning do not kill mold spores and rarely take care of mildew growth. To ensure a home is free of these health risks, remediation services must be sought. A remediation team can come out and take care of all Mold And Mildew in Corning NY. Through careful cleaning and spore removal, a home will be safe for habitation again.

When porous surfaces have become molded and mildewed, they must be carefully removed from the home so as not to disturb the spores. Non-porous surfaces can be carefully cleaned, so all spores are removed safely. Once the remediation has taken place, the home is thoroughly checked to make sure it is safe.

Homeowners who are dealing with Mold And Mildew in Corning NY need to contact ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties. Through their services, mold and mildew can be safely removed, so it is no longer a threat to the health of the family.

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