Rugs are available in a variety of differing patterns, types, styles, and colours. No matter which room you are decorating, you are sure to find rugs that will appeal to your personal tastes and preferences. However just like carpeting, rugs require regular maintenance, care, and upkeep in order to stay in the best possible condition. It is important to be mindful of the care given to your rugs relative to the type of rug you have so you can enjoy your rug for a very long time.

Choosing the right dimensions

Area rugs come in a variety of different sizes however the size you decide upon can dramatically affect the overall look of the room. Taking precise measurements prior to making your purchase will guarantee that the rug will be exactly the right size for your needs. Rugs can be measured using a standard tape measure and the room can also be sized with the same instrument. This will provide a general ideal of what the rug will look like in the room and how it will fit in with the surrounding furniture.

Standard Sizing of Rugs Includes:


Blending style and colour

Each room in the home has its own unique personality. If the room is already decorated, it may have a girlish theme, a Bohemian theme, or a more masculine look. When choosing amongst the available rugs, be sure to keep in mind the rest of the décor in the room. This will allow you to blend style and colour to create an amazing effect. The rugs you choose for your room will light them up while drawing all of the various elements together. You can enjoy a truly unique look for your home when you select rugs of the highest quality with an eye for style and colour selection.

Patterns are optional

It is easy to gravitate towards rugs with patterns as they tend to be more eye catching. However neutral rugs have their own appeal and should be considered in their own right. When it comes to selecting rugs with patterns, it is best not to go too loud or bold in order to stay within the design scheme of the room. If possible match the rug with an accent wall instead of matching it with the main colour of the walls that the room is painted in.

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