How Faith is at the root of Motivation

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Business

Motivation is what gets you out of bed everyday and what allows an athlete to win, a sales rep to seal the deal and a child to do well in school. It is the morale that keeps you moving and want to do well in life. Success is the reward of motivation however motivation can prove to be a very elusive factor in many people’s lives. If you are finding you lack the motivation you need to succeed faith can be the ultimate motivator to help you get moving.

Why Faith?
It might be hard to understand how faith can be a motivator. However faith is the belief that God wants you to be happy and is there to help you whenever you need him. With God as your motivation you will never lack a cheerleader as you will always know he is there cheering you on. When in doubt a Motivational Gift of Prophecy can be the perfect starting pistol for your faith. It will show you the path God wants you to take in order to succeed. It is God’s intent for you to be happy yet when you lack motivation you lack faith. That is why faith is so important to your overall happiness and success.

Never Falter
Motivation from a boss, coach or teacher is God speaking to you. When you do not have a supportive figure in your life it is easy to see your motivation fade and your faith falter. That is why it is important to seek out positive influences in your life and discard the people in your world who are negative thinkers. God wants you to do well and when faced with adversity and negative influences it is the most important time to stop yourself from faltering and instead look to God for strength and guidance. A motivational gift of prophecy will allow you to stay focused on the positive influences of faith and ignore those who would have you believe you don’t have what it takes to do well.

Many people do not realize that they have to allow themselves to succeed. God is offering his hand to you and wants to guide you and keep you motivated in life. When you are able to reach out and accept God’s hand and hold onto it you will always feel motivated by his love.

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