Virginia dental patients have access to a wide variety of permanent solutions. Cosmetic dentistry provides these opportunities to enhance the patient’s appearance. However, for some patients, opportunities such as dental implants in Manassas could provide life altering experiences.
What to Expect During Implantation

Dentist evaluate the tooth damage to determine if an extraction is necessary. If the patient has otherwise strong teeth, they could present them with an alternative option first. However, if the tooth is beyond repair, the dentist performs the extraction after administering a local anesthetic. After the gums have healed, the dentist evaluates the patient’s gums and jaw. The jaw must be strong enough to support the permanent installation. If it isn’t, a graft is performed.

Recreating the Tooth

The dentist creates a mold of the tooth prior to the extraction. This allows a lab to recreate the tooth to ensure that it matches the patient’s surrounding teeth. The point is to ensure that it looks natural after its installed. The appointment for the root installation is performed while the lab produces the implant tooth.

The Implant Process

The titanium root and abutment is installed directly into the jawbone. This provides the most stable and secure installation. The dentist provides the patient with a temporary bridge to protect the root until the area heals. This allows the patient to eat without difficulty or causing damage to the installation. The last step is to connect the implant tooth to the abutment.

After the installation is complete, the patient visits the dentist for a follow-up. This appointment is to ensure that the tooth is secured properly. The patient should notify their dentist if any issues arise prior to their appointment. This could prevent potential damage of the implants or gums.

In Virginia, patients have the opportunity to restore their smile completely. By acquiring dental implants, they receive a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unlike dentures, the implants won’t slide or fall out of the mouth. This prevents potentially embarrassing moments for the patient. It also ensures that they won’t have any difficulties when speaking or chewing their food. To learn more about dental implants in Manassas today, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist now.