Dealing with former spouses is not always the most pleasant task. When children are involved, things can get complicated quickly. If one of the parties is not honoring the terms of a custody arrangement, the best move is to seek legal advice. This is where a visit to a Child Custody Attorney in Murrieta will make a difference.

Failure to Provide Support Payments

If the non-custodial parent is falling behind in making support payments, the lack of funds has a direct impact on the ability of the custodial parent to provide for the kids. Assuming that the non-custodial parent has not lost a job or is dealing with a long-term illness that makes it impossible to earn a living, steps must be taken to get the support payments back on track. Having a Child Custody Attorney in Murrieta make the contacts and utilize the steps allowed by the law will often result in those payments arriving on time once more.

Attempting to Withhold Visitation Privileges

When the custodial parent makes it difficult for the non-custodial parent to see the children according to the terms of the custody agreement, the children are the ones who are ultimately harmed. To deal with the situation, engage the services of an attorney. A notification from the attorney is often enough to make the custodial parent see the wisdom of being cooperative. If necessary, the attorney can make use of current laws to ensure access to the children is once again provided in compliance with the custody arrangement.

Suspicions of Neglect

The non-custodial parent has noticed indications that the children are not being cared for properly. The neglect may take many forms, up to and including some type of abuse. When there is evidence, the custodial parent is neglecting the kids, seeing an attorney about a change in the custody arrangement is in order. It may be time for the kids to live with the other parent for awhile.

For help with any issue related to child custody, contact the Law Office of Michelle Penna today. After reviewing the facts, it will be possible to provide counsel that will help the client deal with whatever situation currently exists.