One of the roles that a sexual harassment attorney in Worcester, MA is helping clients understand if an event or series of events meets the legal definition of sexual harassment. While many people think that being able to identify harassment would be simple, the fact is that laws do require certain criteria be met before any kind of action is taken. Here are a few questions the attorney is likely to ask when conferring with the client.

Who Initiated the Events?

Many people assume that sexual harassment will have to do with unwelcome comments or actions on the part of a manager, supervisor, or company owner. In fact, any type of inappropriate action from another employee could possible meet the criteria. Keep in mind that all genders can be victims of harassment, just as all genders may be guilty of harassing others in the workplace.

Does the Behavior Marginalize or Limit the Individual?

Whether the harassment takes the form of words or actions, adversely affecting the ability of the individual to advance in the workplace or to carry out current responsibilities would be grounds for filing suit. For example, if the client has reason to believe that refusing unwanted advances from someone who is in a position to make decisions about promotions would mean never being considered for other positions, a sexual harassment attorney in Worcester, MA would say that the client has a case.

Creating Problems on the Job

If the activity creates a hostile work environment, there is no doubt that harassment is taking place. This means if the offending party is informed that the actions are not welcome and retaliates by spreading rumors about the individual, thus damaging their reputation. An attorney would certainly be willing to take action when events of this type take place.

For anyone who believes they have been the object of sexual harassment, call The Law Office Of Michael O. Shea P.C.. After going over the particulars, it will be possible to advise the client of what options exist for filing suits and taking other actions that will protect the rights and the integrity of the person who has been harassed.

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