Have you been putting off visiting a dentist because of anxiety? Thanks to sedation dentistry, there is no longer any reason to get worked up about having dental work done. Choosing a Sedation dentist in Long Island may help put your fears to rest. Imagine going to the dentist and not remembering a thing. That is what you can expect when being sedated for your exam.

How does deep sleep sedation work?

To put it simply, deep sleep sedation dentistry involves putting the patient to sleep during the entire exam. This is done with general anesthesia. Any dental clinic that offers deep sleep sedation has a certified anesthesiologist on hand to administer the anesthesia. While asleep, the patient will not feel a thing. They will also not remember any of the procedure afterwards. This is ideal for patients who have severe anxiety about seeing the dentist. It can also be beneficial for people who need multiple treatments done in one appointment.

Are there alternatives to deep sleep sedation?

Many patients want to feel less anxious in the dental chair, but they may be hesitant of being put completely to sleep. There are several alternatives to deep sleep sedation. One of the most popular is the use of nitrous oxide. This gas, also known as laughing gas, acts as a sedative and helps relax the patient. Even though the patient remains completely awake, they will be less aware of what is happening. Nitrous oxide is safe in most cases, and the effects wear off quickly.

If the patient cannot receive laughing gas, the dentist may prescribe anti-anxiety pills, such as Valium, before their appointment. Since pills require time to become effective, most dentists request the patient to take the medication at least 30 minutes beforehand. These medications take the edge off, so the patient will be more relaxed during their treatment.

With so many sedation options available to patients, there is no reason for anyone to be fearful of the dentist. Most dental treatments, from cleanings to root canals, can be safely performed while the patient is sedated. Speak with a sedation dentist in Long Island to see which method of sedation is best for your specific needs.

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