Drunk driving is a serious offense and anyone found guilty of DUI could face serious consequences. Many people who are arrested for DUI have never been in trouble with the law and are very confused about how the process works. Other inmates in the jail might even offer conflicting advice which can make someone who is already unsure of what’s going on even more stressed. This is the main reason why you need a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS.

A lawyer who focuses on DUI law might clear up a lot of misunderstandings for you. For example, you might think since you had a drink before you drove your vehicle that you have to plead guilty. This is not the case. You have a right to a trial and pleading not guilty simply allows you to take advantage of that right. At your trial, the law enforcement officer who stopped your car will have to answer questions about why he or she pulled you over and why they arrested you for DUI. You can also have witnesses testify on your behalf.

There are a few good reasons to take your case to trial, even if you think you were inebriated when you were arrested. Most importantly, the penalties for a drunk driving conviction can follow you for many years. You might initially face fines or even time in jail. However, after you’ve completed your sentence, you will have to pay higher rates on your car insurance, you might have a hard time getting a job and your driving privileges might be suspended for a significant length of time. If an attorney can help you reduce or even avoid these consequences, it is definitely worth your time and money to hire a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS to represent you.

With a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS on your side, you have a better chance of beating the charges against you and moving on with your life. If you case involved a crash, contact an attorney who can also address your Car Accident at T Michael Reed. In addition to criminal DUI charges, you may also need to address civil damages if someone else’s property was damaged and an attorney who focuses on both types of cases may be in the best position to help you.

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