How a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Providence Can Help With Your Arrest

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Lawyers

Very few people have the intention of drinking and driving, yet every day hundreds of people are pulled over and arrested for a DUI. Whether you’ve had way too much to make a sound decision, or you’ve just had one too many with your friends but thought you were okay to drive, if you’re pulled over you will be arrested for driving under the influence. This is a charge that will not only mean that you could be facing jail time, but which will affect other areas of your life as well. You could lose your driver’s license and possibly your employment.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, the first thing you’re going to want to do is hire a Drunk Driving Lawyer Providence. This lawyer can help you from the time of your arrest through to the end of your case and can fight for you. While it’s not always possible to have the charges dropped, this is one thing that your lawyer may try to do to help you. Another thing they may do is to try to get you a lighter jail sentence. This can mean probation, community service, and fines instead of jail time.

Having a DUI can greatly impact your life, so you’re going to want to talk to a Drunk Driving Lawyer Providence to find out what can happen as a result of your arrest. Even if it’s your first arrest, you may end up losing your driver’s license for a period of time. Your car will have been impounded when you were arrested, so you are going to have to pay to get your car back. You may also have problems with your employment as many places prefer to hire employees with a clean background. Your lawyer has seen cases like yours before, and they can tell you what to expect both during the case and afterwards.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer to help you. You cannot fight the charges alone, so you’re going to want to have help. By hiring a lawyer today, you’re giving yourself a chance to have your charges dropped or at least lessen the impact of the arrest on the rest of your life.

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