Sometimes it can seem like a big decision when you decide to purchase a safe for your home or home office. But home safes are an excellent investment you can make now to protect your assets and valuables from catastrophe in the future. Read the following guide to begin navigating the various choices you’ll have to make before purchasing.

Construction: How is it made and what is it made of?

Having trouble figuring out where to start with looking at home safes Queens? Queens merchants can help you decide first what kind of safe you need regarding the way it’s built. Most are made at least partially out of steel, a material that has been proven to be among the best for protection against both fire and tampering for theft. Some also include sheetrock or other materials inlaid between the metal plates. Doors and walls can vary in thickness from ½ inch to 2 inches thick. The door in particular may include steel bolts and hinges for extra security. Inquire about how heavy the product is (its weight works as another theft deterrent) and also whether it can be installed on a wall or in the floor.

Mechanics: How does it lock?

In such a high-tech age, you have many different options to choose from in terms of the way home safes lock. Locks can be traditional or digital – they range from manual combination locks to electronic number pads to products that utilize both a key and a combination. Some of the newest safes use fingerprint scanning technology to provide access to only the select few people you want to be able to get in. And make sure all the parts of the mechanism are also made from steel or other reliably strong materials. Your safe merchant should be able to explain to you about the dependability of all the parts of your purchase.

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