You may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, or made a very bad judgment call and did something you shouldn’t have done. Now you find yourself in jail, accused of a crime. First and foremost, you want to get out of jail. Secondly, you want to do what you can to avoid being found guilty and incarcerated again. You need a good criminal defense attorney Rockwall TX, to help you get out of jail and not have to return. Finding an attorney to defend you isn’t too difficult, if you know where to look and what questions to ask.

If you’re in jail, you’ll most likely have to depend on a family member or friend to locate and secure an attorney for you. Most people may not be familiar with criminal attorneys in their area and because of your situation, you may hesitant for them to ask other family, friends or neighbors for a recommendation. In this case, the best way to find an attorney may be through a Legal Aid referral group, the phone book or the internet.

If you are able to bond out of jail, you’ll be able to meet with the attorney right away in his office, otherwise, you may have to meet with him in the jail. Make sure you’re comfortable speaking with him. He’ll want you to explain your entire situation to him so that he can give you advice as to what your next step should be. Be sure you are 100% honest with him, as your case depends on it. He needs to know everything.

Before you sign papers agreeing to have him represent you, make sure you fully understand his fees. You will be responsible for a consultation fee to meet with him. You also will be expected to pay a retainer. Most criminal lawyers work on an hourly fee. A retainer is used to pay the attorney, in advance, for a set amount of hours he spends preparing your case. Know when you’ll be expected to pay for additional hours used, if necessary.

Hiring a criminal attorney isn’t something you want to do, but may be necessary, when you find yourself in a sticky situation. You, or your assisting friend or family member, need to ask the right questions and choose the right attorney for you. It’s important to make your choice carefully, as your freedom may depend on it.

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