Hire an Attorney After a Workplace Accident.

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Lawyers

If you have recently been injured while you were working, there is a good chance that you may not be able to go back to work for a while. Unfortunately, the bills are still going to be there. Often, employers are not willing to take care expenses regarding this type of accident, and your own private health insurance company is not going to pay for the expenses either, which means that you need to come up with a plan to get the money that is legally yours so that you can move forward with life.

Don’t hesitate to contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Wichita; if this is something that is intimidating to you, click here to visit this website. This is a website that will help you to ease into the process of getting the money that you deserve. Maybe you aren’t quite sure whether or not you have a good case, but it doesn’t hurt to meet with an attorney for a free consultation appointment where an attorney can tell you whether or not you can proceed. If so, he or she will give instructions so that collecting this money is easier than you ever imagined.

Get on the phone with a workers’ compensation attorney in Wichita before it’s too late. Keep in mind, there are laws regarding a statute of limitations so, if you wait too long, there may be nothing that can be done. A lawyer is familiar with the laws regarding injuries and workers’ compensation. Always make sure that you save any receipts from medical care after an accident because they will make it easier to collect. Sometimes, an employer is going to offer you a lump sum of money if you are willing to drop the charges but don’t ever do this until you have consulted with a lawyer since it can be a sticky situation and it needs to be handled by someone who is fully aware of the laws regarding these types of injuries.

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