Hire a Private Investigator in Miami to Prove Evidence for Child Custody

by | May 13, 2013 | Security

Many parents who are divorced or were never married to begin with fight over the children they share together. Neither parent wants to give up any time with their child. The truth of the matter is in most cases, both parents have an equal right to spend time with the child. However, there are some cases where one parent is unfit to care for the child. To prove this, it is often best to hire a private investigator in Miami to avoid looking like a parent who is simply trying to keep the other parent out of the child’s life.

Dangerous Behavior

One of the best reasons to limit the amount of time one parent has with the child is due to dangerous behavior on the parent’s part that can put the child in harm’s way. For instance, perhaps the parent is heavily into drugs or may even be dealing them. This exposure to drugs and the people who deal them can be detrimental to the child’s life. A history of drinking and driving can also be a reason to limit visitations. However, all this must be proven without a doubt.

Child Abuse

While many cases of child abuse leave marks, not all of them do, especially when you are dealing with severe emotional abuse. However, when there are no visible marks, it can be difficult to back up these claims in court. When you hire a private investigator Miami to help you, he will be able to gather the right evidence to prove the other parent is abusive to the child so you can safely ask for reduced or supervised visitation.

Living Conditions

Just because a person doesn’t have enough money to provide a large house and plenty of space doesn’t mean he isn’t fit to have equal custody of the child. However, sometimes living conditions are so poor, it isn’t in the child’s best interest to spend an extended period of time in that environment. However, you can’t simply claim the home isn’t appropriate. You must prove it.

When you approach the court with the request to reduce or eliminate the other parent’s visitation with his child, it is extremely important to have the right evidence to back you up. Without the proper evidence, the judge will view you as a parent who is simply trying to shut the other parent out, which can actually lose custody for you. Instead, you need to hire a private investigator in Miami to help you build your case so you can protect your child.

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