Help for Victims of Trucking Accidents in Annapolis

Trucking accidents in Annapolis have many causes. If you have been the victim of an accident, you may require legal representation to get the compensation you need. The important thing is to call an attorney immediately so they can begin the process of finding the specific cause of the trucking accident. There is a short window of opportunity to gather information and evidence for your case. Photos of the damage, skid marks, and the surrounding area will be taken. Notes will be taken regarding weather conditions, any road hazards, and noise levels. Witnesses need to be interviewed on the same day, if possible, to get the most accurate description of what they saw and heard.

The cause may be driver related, road related, truck related, neglect by the trucking company, or by the warehouse that loaded or unloaded the truck. The most common causes of trucking accidents in Annapolis tend to be driver inattention or fatigue, cell phone usage while driving, loss of control, unsafe highway exits or entries, and improper lane changes. Other causes include improper loading of cargo, poor maintenance of the truck, defective brakes or tires, lack of driver safety training, and failure to comply with regulations regarding hazardous materials. Figuring out the cause of your circumstances will help any firm, like Jaklitsch Law Group, determine the source of liability. It can be the driver, the owner of the company, the warehouse, the manufacturer of the truck, the garage that handles the maintenance of the truck or even the municipality.

All the information gathered will help your attorney fight for full compensation. It is possible that medical bills and lost wages are all the compensation you need. For more serious accidents, you may need long-term care, excessive medical bill coverage, lost wages, retraining if you are unable to return to your current job, and compensation for pain and suffering. You can browse the website for examples of results from past cases. The insurance company will be looking to settle for a low amount because that suits their interests. Do not talk to them or sign any agreements. Your attorney will be looking out for your interests, so direct any insurance inquiries to him. Trucking accidents in Annapolis are a serious matter and require an experienced attorney.

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