When the end of a marriage is imminent, tough decisions often need to be made. Divorce is something no one wants to go through, though it is more common than most people believe. Around fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. When a person is facing divorce, it is imperative they have legal guidance. Help can be found by hiring a divorce attorney in Oahu. Through the divorce attorney, the right decisions can be made so the best outcome can be experienced.

The first part of working through a divorce involves filing the petition and deciding on the grounds. The grounds are the reasons the marriage is ending. Grounds can be non-fault and fault, depending on the state the divorce is being filed in. Some states do not allow for fault reasons. An attorney can assist their client in making the decision on which type of ground will be best to file.

Once the petition has been filed, the filing spouse must inform the other party in the marriage. This is done through the attorney so the party can be properly served. This allows the person to have time to respond to the petition and the grounds stated before the court date occurs.

A divorce attorney in Oahu will assist their client through every aspect of the process. In some instances, mediation meetings may be held between the parties to see if a settlement can be reached. This is sometimes possible, depending on how willing both parties are to reaching a resolution.

In the event a settlement cannot be reached through these means, the court date will be held in place. Through court, a family judge will make the decision on all issues surrounding the divorce, including spousal support, child support, visitation, property splits and debt settlement. Once the judge gives the divorce decree, the marriage is considered legally over.

Those going through a divorce can receive the help they need by contacting a lawyer. To learn more, visit the website. A lawyer can take over all of the aspects of dealing with a divorce so it proceeds as smoothly as possible.