Hauling Equipment for Rigging in San Antonio Requires Experience and High-Level Skills

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Moving Services

When people see a flatbed truck hauling a huge piece of machinery down the highway, they might be impressed at the sight without giving much thought to the skill required of the driver. Some companies that provide this type of service haul equipment for Rigging in San Antonio. It’s a different and higher-level skill set than transporting cargo in an enclosed semi-trailer, which is why general trucking companies categorize this work as part of their specialized service department.

Some organizations, such as DFW Movers and Erectors, specialize entirely in hauling heavy equipment along with other projects involving this machinery. This is important to know when a business needs to hire a transport service. A specialized flatbed carrier must have numerous styles of trailers with different axle configurations. Some well-known general trucking companies advertise flatbed service, but they actually contract the work out to specialized carriers. Bypassing this middleman can save a business money.

The work can be tricky since the loads often are unwieldy, oversized, or imbalanced in regard to weight. If the equipment for Rigging in San Antonio must be transported any great distance, a detailed route plan is essential. Many roads prohibit these types of loads, and the journey may be much longer than a direct route would provide.

Drivers also cannot take the chance of being surprised by a detour, as the detour route may not allow a specialized flatbed load. The transportation team may even need to get permits ahead of time so they can legally bring the load from a certain location to its destination.

Drivers who do this type of work must learn how to maneuver with the various axle configurations. They can’t simply take off with the flatbed without becoming thoroughly skilled in hauling this particular style of trailer.

For all these reasons, a business that contracts for specialized heavy hauling can expect characteristics of the drivers that might not be the case with general semi-trailer loads. For example, these drivers tend to be a bit older on average because they’ve needed those years to gain extensive experience. It’s not likely that a 21-year-old will be hauling heavy machinery across the state.

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